Lead Systems Designer

Create the Unexpected with us

We’re SuperNatural, a game studio with one promise: to create unexpectedly amazing fun.

We’re making a new game that has us buzzing. It’s exciting and fills our obsession with original creations.

As a team, we’re committed to 3 things that guide everything we create:

  1. We do unexpected joy; the first-time delight.

  2. We require curiosity; our driving creative force.

  3. We play as a team; everyone has a voice.


We’re a bunch of game veterans with some 90+ titles on the resume. What’s important is that we created them by mentoring opportunities over dictating ideas, by putting curiosity above experience, and by deepening experiences with diversity over uniformity.

This is where game developers do their best work.

This is where you come in.

Today, we’re looking for a Lead Systems Designer, but we’ll soon be seeking other awesome folks across all disciplines; we’re just a toddler, growing every day, enjoying trying out new things and stumbling into great new ideas along the way.

Curious to hear about what excites you, find us here: becurious@supernaturalstudios.com

What you’ll own

  • Define, model and refine the core progression and monetization systems for a brand new Free to Play IP

  • Develop and improve these systems, maximizing player motivation over the full life cycle with a focus on player satisfaction, long-term retention and engagement.

  • Champion true hybrid monetization systems that provide value to the player's freedom and choice on how to engage and progress.

  • Define and collect qualitative data (playtest, usability, and customer feedback) and quantitative data (telemetry and analytics) to inform your designs.

  • Manage a small team of designers, reviewing their work, providing relevant feedback, and helping them to succeed and grow their skills.

  • Creating design docs, drawings, diagrams, flowcharts, and any other necessary documents to clearly communicate design functionality and vision.

  • Understand and anticipate trends on the Global market, player skill gaps and progression/rewards expectations.

What you’ll bring

  • You’ll be comfortable with designing commercially successful systems for a games-as-a-service title. This sort of comfort would probably come from working 5+ years in systems design but we’re happy to meet you if you’ve gotten there by other means.

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience with an emphasis on game design, economics, math, statistics and/or psychology, behavioural neuroscience

  • Proven expertise in free to play systems design, product management, monetization strategy, economy design.

  • Champion an approach to system design that has an adaptive foundation, being prepared for many user types and discovered emergent player behaviours.

  • Mastery at working with spreadsheets, SQL, Machinations.io or other tools for modelling and data analysis

  • Experience with data analysis, KPI impact analysis and metrics based decision making. We make data-informed decisions on where to focus our curiosity.

  • Ability to deconstruct, analyze and communicate why best in class game systems add value with clear understanding of trade offs.

  • Strong understanding of UX design including creating wireframes and user flows.

  • Experience with managing system design processes and leading a team of designers.

What would be handy to have

  • A cross-disciplinary skill like art, writing, engineering, etc.

  • A thoughtful understanding of the emergent engagement loop between game players - content creators and viewers.

  • A history of being a thought leader at the companies you have worked for in the past.

  • Experience with Unreal Engine and blueprints.

  • Familiarity with basic finance (P&L).

  • Experience collaborating with globally distributed teams.

What you can expect from us

The Supernatural experience is about surprising yourself.

We act with people in mind. With a safe and collaborative environment, we create openness and empathy to draw the best collaboration from everyone within our team. We open up dialogue, welcome creative tension, and enjoy growth when everyone is comfortable being uncomfortable.

You also can expect

  • Flexible working hours

  • A remote-friendly culture. Our studio is located in Vancouver, Canada but we have team members working remotely from the US and other parts of Canada

  • A generous benefits package for either US or Canadian members & competitive, regularly reviewed compensation

  • Great team members whose passion, respect and trust will inspire you to surpass your own expectations of yourself

  • The opportunity to work in true cross-functional teams, delivering on our promise of surprising unexpected fun

If we caught your attention

Email us at becurious@supernaturalstudios.com with your resume.

We know that applying for a new position can be daunting but we welcome you to apply and discover how you can add to our culture. We understand that for our team to thrive we need many points of view to create the unexpected!

Interested? We’d love to hear from you.